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Posted by on 29 Jan 2014 in Baking, Kamado Joe | 0 comments

Kamado Joe: Six Grain Bread

Kamado Joe: Six Grain Bread


Ceramic barbecues are brilliant as outdoor ovens and I find my Kamado Joe bakes like a traditional wood fired oven, giving the satisfaction of producing home made bread with a crispy outer crust. That’s what I love about ceramic barbecues – whatever I decide to cook that day my Kamado Joe has the versatility to do it.

Remember to only use lump wood charcoal when baking, this is what gives the wood fired flavour to your food.

I use my bread machine for mixing the dough, a much cheaper option than buying a good quality mixer, still surprised how expensive they can be ! I  gently warm the milk and water till it reaches room temp, put into the bread pan and sprinkle over the flour. Follow this by adding the sugar, salt and butter into each corner  with the yeast in the middle.

On my machine I have setting to just make dough, it takes a good 90 minutes to knead and prove the bread. I then work the dough by hand for about 4 minutes and then place it in a pre-oiled container and cover it with cling film it. I then leave it to prove a 2nd time in my airing cupboard for about 30 minutes or until it has doubled in size.

While the bread is proving set up your Kamado Joe, for baking I use the heat deflector on it’s higher setting and settle the temperature at about 150C / 300F as this will ensure an even bake and a nice golden crust.

Take the bread and shape it into a round ball (boule) and put onto some grease proof paper. Place this onto the heat deflector and cook for about 45/50 minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

A quick tip is to tap the loaf in the centre of the underside, if the loaf sounds hollow, it is cooked through, or dense, it still has time to go. Once the bread is cooked turn it out onto a wire rack and leave to cool.

Kamado Joe: Six Grain Bread

Bread Recipe:

170ml semi skimmed milk; 150ml water; 340g unbleached bread flour; 110g 6 grain bread flour; 5ml salt; 15ml sugar; 25g unsalted butter; 2.5ml easy blend yeast

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