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Posted by on 10 Sep 2014 in Featured, Kamado Joe, Meat, Vegetable | 0 comments

Stuffed Mushrooms & Aberdeen Angus Burgers

Stuffed Mushrooms & Aberdeen Angus Burgers

And still the sun shines! Once again we were able to grill great grub on the Kamado Joe AND enjoy eating it oudoors writes Sandra Tate… It all started with a batch of focaccia dough which I fully intended to make pizza with but found the family in meaty mood so changed my plan to using the dough to make burger buns… not only useful for the said burger but for making crumbs for a stuffing mixture. If you’re not an avid bread maker like myself then choose your own favourite burger buns and buy extra to make some fresh breadcrumbs.

So, to make enough stuffing for 4 hefty flat mushrooms take 150g fresh breadcrumbs, the stalks from the mushrooms, a good handful of fresh coriander, 1 green finger chilli, seeds removed & thinly sliced, 50g butter, salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste. Blitz all this together in a food processor. Now take the flat mushrooms and brush them inside and out with olive oil then sit them on a black iron pan or griddle that will fit into your Kamado Joe without inhibiting the lid. If you have a KJ black iron griddle then problem sorted! Divide the stuffing mixture between the mushrooms and be careful not to compact it too much, the idea is to have a light & crispy topping. I filled the spaces on the griddle with seasoned, halved, beef tomatoes.

burgeruncookedLight the Kamado Joe and adjust to a consistent temperature of 240°C with the grill rack at high level and station the black iron with mushrooms at the back of the grill, leaving space for the burgers & any extras. Now take 800g of minced Aberdeen Angus and divide into 4 balls. Lightly form into burger patties 2-3cm thick and season on both sides with salt & pepper. By the time you have formed the burgers the mushrooms will be partially cooked. Place the burgers on the grill and cook for 3 minutes each side or until a good healthy colour (we like ours served pink, you must cook to your own preference).

To finish up, we also grilled corn in the remaining space available and once the stuffed mushrooms and tomatoes were colouring we also added mozzarella to melt over the tomatoes – though you might like to do the same over the burgers. And all served up with the focaccia burger buns that this whole saga started with…


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