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Posted by on 7 Dec 2015 in Featured, Kamado Joe, Meat | 0 comments

Christmas Cold Cuts: Smokey Turkey Thighs

Christmas Cold Cuts: Smokey Turkey Thighs

My family are all about rib of beef at Christmas but smokey turkey thigh is a must for the cold cuts on Boxing day, and for lunchtime sandwiches, writes Sandra Tate…

Weighing in at around 750g each, two or three of these beasts go a long way, and they’re relatively cheap in the Christmas eating scheme of things.

Light Curing
If you want the meat to be succulent then a brief cure is worth doing – but not absolutely necessary. Dissolve 50g sea salt and 20g light brown sugar in a little hot water. Allow to cool then dilute with enough cold water to be able to scantly cover 2 large turkey thighs in a snug container. Leave for an hour then remove, rinse well and thoroughly dry with kitchen paper.

turkeythighs2Smoking Turkey Thighs on Kamado Joe
While the turkey sits in brine, get the grill up and running to a steady temperature of 140°C (add hardwood shavings over the charcoal if you wish) with the heat deflector at lower level and a drip tray or foil on it, and the grill rack at high level. Rub the dried turkey thighs with sea salt and black pepper and place skin side down on the rack. Cook low and slow for 3 hours, – or more if necessary – until juices run clear when skewered to the bone, and internal temperature is 72°C. Turn once during that time.

Serve in thin slices along with your gammon and other cold meats – you will find that the flavour is full and a little will go a long way.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!


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