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Posted by on 21 Jan 2016 in Featured, Kamado Joe, Meat | 0 comments

Spatchcocked Chicken Stuffed with Sage, Garlic & Shallot Butter

Spatchcocked Chicken Stuffed with Sage, Garlic & Shallot Butter

Sage survives well throughout the Winter months, save for persistent exposure to frost, so I’ve been enjoying mine with vegetables, pork, and today with chicken writes Sandra Tate…

By spatchcocking a chicken you can cook in a shorter time, it’s also easier to lift and separate the skin from the flesh and to create pocket space for stuffing or herb butter. Quite simply you cut through the backbone of your chicken from neck end to parson’s nose with a kitchen knife or scissors, press down on the breastbone and the bird is now flattened. Once you’ve done this, gently push your fingers under the skin at the cavity end, lifting and separating it firstly from the breast then up and over the thighs and legs – being as careful as you can to avoid tears in the skin.

Get the Kamado Joe lit and ready to a steady temperature of 200°C with heat deflector at low level and grill rack at high level.

For the stuffing:
If you want a conventional stuffing, add a handful breadcrumbs to the mix, but I  wanted a juicy, basted result so left the sagechickspatchstuffing at the herb butter stage. Take 50g butter, chop finely and mix with a finely chopped shallot, a clove of crushed and chopped garlic and a generous handful of chopped fresh sage leaves, salt and black pepper. In warmer conditions this can be pressed together with the side of a large kitchen blade! Now quite simply push the herb butter/stuffing under the skin, firstly over the thighs and the remainder evenly distributed over the breasts. Transfer to an oven tray and scatter with more sage leaves  and roast in Kamado Joe for 45 minutes – 1 hour, (basting every 10 minutes as the butter melts through), testing internal temperature to make sure it is cooked through to is thickest areas to 72°C before removing.

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