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Eggs Ozpig

Posted by on 15 Sep 2016 in Featured, Ozpig, Vegetable |

Campsite cooking doesn’t get any better than this, super delicious breakfast, or if you’re a light eater – lunch. Prepared in minutes, and cooked in minutes, on the Ozpig. This may well become a family favourite, as it is with us, writes Sandra Tate… The dish is essentially scrambled eggs but with a very tasty twist. It is cooked together with a base of fresh tomatoes, fresh ginger, garlic and a hint of chilli , and finally fresh coriander leaf. To do it justice the pan should not be crowded so it’s either breakfast forĀ  one or two, or cook one pan after another!   For each person you...

Sticky Pork Belly & Roasted Sweet Vegetables

Posted by on 10 Aug 2016 in Featured, Kamado Joe, Meat |

Pork belly is so deliciously rich, it goes a very long way – a very good thing when you have a visiting son planning to entertain a bunch of old school mates over food and beers writes Sandra Tate… I also like pork belly as you can get amazing results in 6-7 hours, a lot less than pulled pork, but just as sensational. I personally prefer to cook it on the bone but ask my butcher to not only score the rind, but also carefully detach it from the joint so that at the end of the cooking time on Kamado Joe I can put it in my oven...

Trout, Pea and Mint Risotto

Posted by on 17 Jul 2016 in Featured, Fish, Ozpig |

Fabulous end to a beautiful day – a quiet supper for one – cooked on my Ozpig, and enjoyed in the garden beside my Ozpig, writes Sandra Tate… And as this was for one, simply multiply quantities for however many you are. One pan cooking is ideal for the lovely little Ozpig, and with all ingredients to hand it is all ready to enjoy within 45 minutes. For a generous portion have 30g butter; 1 shallot, peeled & finely chopped; 1 clove garlic, crushed and finely chopped; 85g Arborio rice; glass of white wine; 500ml vegetable bouillon (you may not need all of it); 1 trout fillet, skin removed;...

Smoked Guinea Fowl, Cornish New Potato & Mixed Bean Salad with Mint

Posted by on 19 Jun 2016 in Bradley Smoker, Featured, Hot Smoking, Meat |

Deliciously juicy Bradley smoked guinea fowl and this glorious bean and Cornish new potato salad is the epitome of Summer lunch, writes Sandra Tate… Guinea fowl is a small bird, but when smoked is so rich in flavour it would easily satisfy 8 people for this lovely Summer lunch dish. To make it easier/quicker to smoke I spatchcocked it (split the backbone from parson’s nose to neck end and flattened it) so that it will lie flat on the Bradley wire rack. To brine and smoke: First make a brine by adding 75g sea salt to 25g dark molasses sugar (ordinary sugar if you wish) to enough boiling water...

Moroccan Lamb with Fragrant Mint & Lemon Couscous

Posted by on 9 May 2016 in Featured, Meat, Ozpig |

The Ozpig has arrived and what a delight it is to cook on it! I used a black iron lidded pot but this is essentially a tagine recipe writes Sandra Tate… The Ozpig is a camper’s dream, giving both warmth and a hotplate on which to cook a surprisingly large repertoire of dishes; from breakfast fry up to kebabs, grills, steaks and one pot cooking, it covers them all. Today I popped a few bits of kindling, lit up and added logs and away I went with this fragrant dish. Moroccan Lamb with Fragrant Mint & Lemon Couscous – serves 3-4 For the early stages I placed my iron...